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Ice, Sea, Dead People - Teeth Union CD


Debut album from the self proclaimed "East Angular Mammal Noise" trio Ice, Sea, Dead People.

1. I’m Cat
2. Laser Brain
3. My Twin Brother’s A Brother
4. Grean Tee
5. Justin Klein
6. Brrrrr
7. Hence:Elvis
8. Satan/Japan
9. Until We Break Our Legs…

Produced and mixed by Tom Morris at Fortress Studios, London. Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service, Chicago. Contains more than your RDA of treble.

"One of the most underrated albums of 2010."
- NME (8/10)

“This album works as an explanation of exactly why this tense, chaotic guitar attack is always so much fun, no matter how much it hurts. It makes a hero of every kid who can turn their guitar up too loud.”
- The Quietus

“Ice Sea Dead People can be proud that they have created a short, sharp record that gleefully jumps over the barriers and brings other to an instant halt “
- Loud and Quiet (8/10 Review of ‘Teeth Union’)

“Theirs is music for audiences ready to embrace tinnitus. Theirs is a racket that attracts plaudits full of adjectives like “angular”, “abrasive” and “artsy”. Which is, obviously, a brilliant thing.

Available digitally at the Lost Toys Bandcamp page for £5.